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SC Administrator to keynote forum on PD 1079

Supreme Court spokesman Jose Midas P. Marquez who also heads the SC Office of the Court Administrator, will keynote a Forum on Presidential Decree 1079 organized by the Publishers Association of the Philippines Inc. (PAPI) on March 7, 2019 at Hotel Jen along Roxas Blvd., Manila.

The forum will have “Upgrading partnerships and mutual support Judicial/Legal Notices publication” for its theme.  It will focus on issues which continually hound publishers of the community newspaper across the country, related to the publication of judicial and legal notices as required by law.

PAPI president Nelson Santos said community newspaper publishers from the regions and provinces, as well as countryside journalists will participate in the forum, together with representatives of various government agencies like HDMF, Balikatan and NHMF, and private sector institutions including financing firms and banks, which are involved in judicial and legal notices publication.

Santos added that SC Court Administrator Marquez has designated Judge, to be the principal forum discussant. A forum  discussion on the scope and dynamics of Presidential Decree 1079 and related laws will follow

PAPI Emeritus Chairman Johnny P. Dayang will formally welcome the participants and guests, while former PAPI President Louie T. Arriola will introduce the guest speaker.

Arriola said, the forum is expected to help enlighten both publishers and agencies involves on contentious issues related the proper execution of provisions of PD 1079 and related laws regarding notices of sale or auction of real property, notices in special proceedings, court orders and summonses and similar announcements arising from court litigations required by law to be published in newspapers.

Some key players in the publication of the judicial and legal notice, including court officials and community newspaper publishers themselves, reportedly continue to exploit and manipulate certain procedural provisions of laws to serve their personal interests, which in turn leads to the denigration and prostitution of community journalism in many provinces.

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